We pride ourselves on our creativity, expertise and unique capacity to step in quickly and efficiently to help our clients meet their objectives. Since launching Saltbox in May 2011, the diversity of our experience has capitalized on and broadened these capabilities.

What have we been doing?


  • We have closed financings for gas-fired, biomass, solar, and wind projects
  • We have provided consulting services to more than 25 projects - gas-fired, biomass, anaerobic digestion, compressed air energy storage, LNG, and tidal energy projects in development
  • We have assisted clients during the early, mid and late stages of development, in preparing for debt and equity financing and by working closely with them throughout this process as an experienced 'finance team'
  • We have assisted clients in the evaluation and diligence of assets and portfolio of assets in bidding processes

Selected Detail

Debt Financings

  • Advisor to Sponsors for nearly $400 million bank financing of a gas-fired power plant
  • Advisor to Sponsors for a $100 million bank financing of a biomass facility
  • Advisor to Sponsor for a $475 million bank financing of a solar facility
  • Advisor to Sponsor for $175 million bank financing of two solar and one wind facility

Development Stage

  • Working with a Client on advancing the development of a tidal energy project in the Bay of Fundy, Canada
  • Assisting Clients in due diligence, debt structuring, and bids for portfolios of assets
  • Working with Clients during the development of and in evalutating the feasibility of financing compressed-air energy storage projects under development in Texas
  • Providing the 'financing perspective' as part of Client's development teams for greenfield projects - an LNG facility and two gas-fired plants

Off the beaten path

  • Conducted a market valuation of a gas-fired plant, focused on market comps and discounted cash flows, in a Client's portfolio
  • Provided expert witness testimony on behalf of unsecured creditors of a petrochemical facility
  • Reviewed projects in Clients' portfolios for optimization opportunities